The School Day - Bell Times

At St John's we value our learning time with students. We strive to provide optimum learning oportunities throughout our school day and continually encourage our students to use their time in class wisely. We ask for families to support their child's learning by having them at school on time and closely monitoring their days absent. 

Term Dates - 2019

Term 1:   29th January to 5th April

Term 2:   23rd April to 28th June

Term 3:   15th July to 20th September

Term 4:   7th October to 20th December


School Hours  / Bell Times

8.50am      Students Assemble - Classes Commence

10.50am     Recess - Outside Play

11.20am     Students Assemble - Classes Continue

12.50pm     Students Eat Lunch (in the Classroom)

1.00pm       Lunchtime - Outside Play 

1.40pm      Students Assemble - Classes Continue

3.10pm       Student Dismissal from Classrooms



All absences require a written note signed by the parent or guardian, this is necessary even when a parent has advised the classroom teacher or school office of the absence, in person or by telephone. A Skoolbag App notification is sufficient providing it has been signed by the parent or guardian.

Late Arrivals / Early Departures

If you are dropping your child off late or collecting him/her early, please visit the office to sign them in/out accordingly. Your child will be called to the office to meet you.

Please Note:

A written note or phone call is required if children are to be collected or travel home with anyone other than their parent or guardian.

Student absences, late arrivals and early departures are collated and recorded on your child's Semester Reports via our Electronic Roll program.