eSmart School

24 October 2017 | General Interest

We are proud to announce that we are now officially an eSmart School.

eSmartWebWe are proud of this achievement as our school has always taken all aspects of student safety very seriously.  

At St John’s we uphold a strong focus on student wellbeing. A key factor in this is maintaining open communication with students and their families. 

The use of technologies throughout our curriculum and the ability to confidently rely on staff to model and teach, safe and responsible behaviour, has been invaluable in developing student respect for the online world and its channels of communication. We promote the use of digital technologies but also recognise that it is only one, of the many varied resources, that will support student learning here at St John’s School.

Acquiring eSmart Status has confirmed that our Policies and documentation support what we actively engage in on a daily basis at our school and will guide us to sustain a focus on student safety and family awareness, in an increasingly evolving technological world well into the future.