Building Project Nearing Completion

The first phase of new building and refurbishment project is almost complete. These new facilities, highly anticipated by all, include four large classrooms, open leaning spaces, a library, office spaces and an indoor toilet block.

We trust these rooms will be in use shortly and following this, the removal of the temporary classrooms and toilets, will allow for the final outdoor part of the project to commence, the construction and landscaping of the outdoor learning spaces and the development of a school entrance highlighting our faith and cultural connectivity.

We are grateful for the patience and flexibility shown by families, staff and students who have faced the challenges and inconveniences to parking, play areas and work spaces, during past months.

The whole school community will benefit in many ways and the pride in our school will grow even further.

Front Entry
Walk-Through Open Area
Playground Entry
Classroom Undercover Entry
Classroom Undercover Area