Student Wellbeing


At St John’s we believe wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility.  We strive to be a supportive community where individuals, groups and organisations not only cope but thrive and experience success.  We understand that learning involves the development of the whole person and therefore maintain strong links with families who provide essential insights to all facets of students’ experiences and how those experiences may affect or support learning at school.

If your child, or your family is experiencing any difficulties that may effect your child’s emotional well being and/or their school experience please let staff know as soon as possible. Awareness, support and early intervention are crucial to the care we provide to support the needs of our students and their families.

Various avenues of notification are open to parents depending on the concerns being raised.

Call or make an appointment to speak with, Chris Dortmans (Principal), Jacki Taylor (Wellbeing Learning Leader) or your child’s classroom teacher.

School Office:  Ph: 03 59971653