Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership

At St John’s we encourage the personal growth of our students. We strive to cultivate within the hearts of our school community the qualities of service, love, justice, dignity and a compassionate response to the needs of others.

We seek to engender an awareness of belonging to a wider community and the associated responsibilities.  So at the commencement of each academic year our senior students are encouraged to accept a variety of leadership roles in our school.

School Captains:

Early in Term One our senior students elect School Captains.  The role undertaken by St John’s School Captains is to confidently and proudly lead and represent their peers and to speak on their behalf at School Assemblies, sporting events and with visitors to our school as required. School Captains may also be responsible to represent St John’s at Parish and Community events throughout the year.

Sports Captains:

Students elected as Sports Captains will responsibly lead, encourage and support their respective teams, Cremin (Red), McKillop (Blue), Wood (Yellow) and Scott (Green), during various sporting endeavours and school events throughout the year.

Social Justice Leaders:

In November each year four Grade Five students are nominated by staff to undergo training by the Caritas Organisation in preparation for the role of Social Justice Leaders the following year.  Social Justice Leaders will promote throughout the school community an awareness of the needs of those less fortunate, in both means and opportunity, than ourselves. The focus of this support can be internationally through Caritas or locally, by supporting the efforts of the St Vincent de Paul Society and responding to specific needs like Drought/Flood Relief and Cancer Research.

SRC – Student Representative Council

SRC representatives are elected by their peers to highlight areas of need and to share ideas to improve our whole school community. SRC representatives, chosen from Grades 3 – 6, meet regularly with the Principal.

WALK Ambassadors

Our WALK Ambassadors have chosen to be student representatives of our Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour and can be called on to model and promote these behaviours in a variety of ways throughout the year. We are Responsible, Respectful, Resilient. We Learn Together and Keep Safe.

Sustainability Leaders

Our Sustainability Leaders help educate students on sustainability issues. They promote sustainability through Nude Food Days and by responsibly taking care of the classroom blue recycling bins each week. The Sustainability Leaders make presentations at assemblies and regularly attend meetings with Ms Rebecca Taylor to consider ways we can do things better at school.