Our School

Our Staff

St John’s is blessed with a team of committed and professional staff who show great pride in their school and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of students and their families.

School Leadership
Parish Priest Fr Avinash George
Principal Mr Chris Dortmans
Deputy Principal Mrs Jacqueline Taylor
Religious Education Leader Mrs Alycia Matthews
Leader of Learning & Teaching Mrs Jacqueline Taylor
Learning Adjustment Leader Miss Chantelle Davies
Junior Leader for Learning Mrs Georgia Tanner
Middle Leader for Learning Mrs Sarah Manelski
Senior Leader for Learning Mrs Rhiannon McFarlane
Sports and P.E. Coordinator Miss Jessamy Gridley
WSAPBS (Positive Behaviours) Coordinator Mrs Georgia Tanner
Wellbeing Team Miss Chantelle Davies
Mrs Bernadette Hance
Mrs Sharlyene McDonald
Administration Staff Mrs Nancy Rintoule
Mrs Di O’Hehir
Class Teachers:
Grade Foundation / One - F1D Miss Chantelle Davies & Mrs Brooke Baker
Grade Foundation / One - F1W Mrs Georgia Tanner & Mrs Bianca Deane
Grade One / Two - 12D Mrs Olivia Dunkley
Grade One / Two - 12H Mrs Bernadette Hance & Mrs Jacqueline Taylor
Grade Three / Four - 34D Miss Jessamy Gridley & Mrs Anna Hughes
Grade Three / Four - 34M Mrs Sarah Manelski & Mrs Bianca Deane
Grade Four / Five - 45M Mrs Rhiannon McFarlane & Mrs Erin Bolton
Grade Five / Six - 56M Mrs Alycia Matthews & Mrs Simone Vanderputt
Grade Five / Six - 56S Mr Daniel Stark
Specialist Staff
LOTE Mrs Simone Vanderputt
Visual Arts Ms Rebecca Taylor
Performing Arts Mrs Rhiannon McFarlane
Physical Education Miss Jessamy Gridley
STEM Ms Rebecca Taylor
Support Staff
Learning Support Officers: Mrs Megan Briganti
Mrs Eileen Crowley
Mrs Wendy de Groot
Mrs Tamara Durrington
Ms Melinda Hunt
Mrs Sharlyene McDonald
Mrs Melinda Neill
Mrs Belinda Scamporlino
Library Technician Mrs Megan Briganti
I.T. Technician Mrs Eileen Crowley
Maintenance Mr Bill Van Diemen
Canteen/Uniform Shop Mrs Belinda Scamporlino