Our School

Student Leaders

At St John’s we encourage the personal growth of our students.  Student leaders are entrusted with the responsibility of representing their peers and their school with pride and confidence.

NOTE: 2021 School Leaders will be finalised in coming weeks.

2020 School Captains

Lachlan Stevens and Scarlett Benwell have been elected to represent the school and their peers as School Captains throughout 2020.

We congratulate Lachlan and Scarlett, together with the elected Sports Captains, Student Council Representatives and Social Justice Leaders and encourage them as they fulfil their leadership roles throughout the year.

2020  House Captains

MacKillop House – Blue:  Xavier Underwood and Summer Missen

Scott House – Green:  Sofia Abela and Mitchell Ventura

Cremin House – Red:  Lily Selitsch-Banks and Dylan Thurling

Wood House – Yellow:  Cody Wlazly and Star Leftley

2020 Social Justice Leaders

Lucius DiPietro, Erica Condron, Patrick Noble and Layla Borthwick

2020 SRC Representatives

Grade 3/4H:  Lacie Blackley and Rithul Timothy

Grade 3/4M:  Ava Kruizinga and Kai Leontini

Grade 4/5B:  Hayley Milner and Ethan Stewart

Grade 5/6D:  Chloe Borthwick and Charlotte Emanuelli

Grade 5/6H:  Amelia McSherry and Kooper Herbert

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