Our School

Student Leaders

At St John’s we encourage the personal growth of our students.  Student leaders are entrusted with the responsibility of representing their peers and their school with pride and confidence.

Isla O’Neill and Hugh Quinn were elected to represent the school and their peers as School Captains throughout 2024.

2024  House Captains

MacKillop House – Blue:  Alexis Fay & Antonio Pace

Scott House – Green:  Laylah McCauley & Corey Miller

Cremin House – Red: Harper Leontini & Jordan Fraser

Wood House – Yellow:  Chloe Bertuna & Tyler Gauci

2024 Social Justice Leaders

Sebastian Mulhall, Tianna Thornhill, Jena Chol, Ava Nicholls & Jessica Mitchell

2024 W.A.L.K. Ambassadors

Lyla Hancock, Mia Tavares, Phoenix Ferguson & Harper Hill

2024 SRC Representatives

Grade 3/4B:  Olivia Barker & Tyson Fay

Grade 3/4G:  Scarlett Mackenzie & Dhiel Chol

Grade 4/5M:  Mason O’Hehir & Evie Mitchell

Grade 5/6M:  Ranit Timothy & Lexie Wilson

Grade 5/6S:  Evie Walker & Tony Butera