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School Policies

School Policies, like those formulated for any group or organisation, are formed through a consultative process.  St John’s School Policies together with our School Vision provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making and actions taken in all aspects of school life.

Although some of our School Policies are specific to St John’s, many of our policies also apply to Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) and to all of the primary and secondary Catholic schools it manages and operates in the Diocese of Sale in the State of Victoria.

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy Anaphylaxis Management Policy Anti-Bullying and Prevention Policy (Students) Behaviour Management Policy Child Safety Policies and Information DOSCEL Complaints and Grievances Management Policy Complaint Handling Procedure Conflict of Interest Policy Critical Incident Management Policy Cyber Safety Policy Digital Learning Policy DOSCEL Restraint and Seclusion Policy Enrolment Policy & Information First Aid Policy Health Care Needs Policy Health Care Needs Guidelines Homework Policy Health and Safety Policy Off-Site Supervision of Students Policy On-Site Supervision of Students Policy Pastoral Care Policy Primary School Fees Policy Privacy Policy Responding to Anaphylaxis Policy Safe and Sound Guidelines - Occupational Violence School Attendance Policy Sexual Consent, Disclosure and School Obligations Social Media Policy Suspension Expulsion and Negotiated Transfer Policy Uniform Policy Visitors Policy Volunteers Policy Working With Children Checks Policy Whistleblower Policy Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy