Learning & Teaching

Assessment & Reporting

As a school we are committed to working in partnership with parents to develop the whole child, each student is taught from the particular point they are at in their development to achieve their maximum potential.  Assessment is an on-going valued process occurring both formally & informally throughout the year.

Literacy & Numeracy Testing

Throughout the year, all students undergo Literacy and Numeracy Testing.  These assessments are used as a guide in planning classroom programs to best meets the needs of individual students and can also highlight areas of significant need for supported or further extended learning.

Semester Reports

At St John’s we use an Electronic Reporting system. Semester Reports are distributed to Parents in June and December.

The students are assessed according to the Victorian Curriculum.

Religion is assessed against the revised ‘Journeying Together In Hope’ Guidelines as established and implemented by the Catholic Education Office.

Student absences listed in the reports are taken from our Electronic Daily Roll data, effective up to and including the date printing of the Reports takes place.