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Technology Matters

At St John’s our students are introduced to, and regularly use, a variety of technological devices to support their learning. This use is monitored at school and is a shared responsibility with parents at home. Wherever possible families are kept informed of the advancing skills of their children and the personal and security implications of devices used.

Throughout their time at St John’s, students’ learning will be enhanced through the use of laptops, microphones, headphones, digital cameras, Digital TV Screens, iPads, eBooks and a variety of online resources. Students will also use a selection of regularly updated Applications which support the curriculum offered.

Our Grades 5 and 6 students each have access to a school allocated iPad for curricular activities at school and all other students regularly use classroom allocated iPads.

Children are exposed to technology use from a young age with most families using mobile phones and engaged in some Social Media platforms. Being photographed and their images being shared is also a common occurrence for children. Therefore we see children confident in making their way around devices at school. Along with these skills it is vital that we support parents in teaching their children  that this readiness to explore also must take into consideration the rights, responsibilities and possible consequences of device and internet use.

We remind families that your children are watching and learning constantly though your modeled use of technology. Through curricular activities, students will learn safe and responsible use of technologies, in particular the dangers and implications of sharing personal information online, taking photos of others and gaining consent for data sharing.

As children are being exposed to an increasing number of personal devices at home, we encourage parents to be aware and stay up to date with new communication trends and the associated threats.  We also encourage parents to monitor their children’s use of electronic devices, to set limits for screen time activities and to especially monitor the time spent online by children.

Points to Note:

Personal electronic devices such as mobile phones, deemed necessary by parents for student safety travelling to and from school, must be handed into the school office on arrival at school day and collected at the end of the day.

Personal electronic devices including mobile phones are not permitted on school excursions or school camps.

Cyber Safety Policy

Further Information for Parents:

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