Learning & Teaching

Kitchen Garden Program

The implementation of our Kitchen Garden Program has provided an additional opportunity for St John’s School to encourage the development and overall well-being of our students. The aim of our Kitchen Garden Program is to involve students in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food.

Students in Grades 3 & 4 at St John’s School, have the opportunity to create a productive garden, where vegetables and herbs are grown and harvested. Food is prepared using seasonal produce from the garden combined with goods from the fridge and pantry, following which the students are then given the opportunity to share what has been made.

The students not only actively learn garden and kitchen skills, but they are also introduced and encouraged to try, new flavours and dishes. In addition to the hands-on activities, the Kitchen Garden Program involves students writing about their experiences, planning and recording data. Through the program students also learn about healthy food choices and where the produce in the supermarket comes from.

St John’s has found that the garden, kitchen and classroom, blend well as a purposeful, integrated learning environment. The Kitchen Garden Project has also become another avenue for parents, where permitted, to be active in their children’s learning and to be involved within the school community.