Learning & Teaching

Learning Support Programs

St John’s recognises all students as individuals with unique personalities who exhibit various strengths and challenges both in accessing the curriculum and in their personal development.  Following consultation with parents, students are provided with additional support to suit their particular needs.

Personalised Learning Plans

Personalised Learning Plans are implemented for students requiring support to access the regular curriculum or to cope within the learning environment.  These Learning Plans are created in collaboration with the child’s parents and teachers and utilises all relevant professional assessments and recommendations.

Fountas & Pinnell Literacy – Levelled Literacy Intervention

St John’s staff have been confidently using the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Assessment program to assess our students’ reading efficiency. The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Intervention program supports students who require an elevation in their reading efficiency.

Levelled Literacy Intervention provides short term, effective small-group instruction for students who find reading and writing difficult. With engaging texts and systematically designed lessons, students will be supported in working toward achieving reading and writing proficiency.

This program also relies on Parent support through reading the Take-Home Books and supporting students with given activities at home.

Speech Pathology

St John’s is fortunate to have a Speech Pathologist consulting with our school regularly.  Appointments for students are scheduled on a specified day and ideally a parent and a Learning Support Officer also attend the session with the student. Regular rehearsal of the given speech and language activities are essential for progress to occur.

Learning Support Officers – LSOs

LSOs support classroom teachers throughout the school to ensure all students have opportunities to access the curriculum. LSOs work within the classroom but also withdraw students to work in either 1:1 or small group settings to provide more focused support as required.