Learning & Teaching

Curriculum Information

St John’s supports the academic growth of all children. Our school offers a quality learning environment where children are challenged to work to the best of their ability. Our curriculum is currently based on the Ausvels Curriculum with Mathematics being our first transitional subject to the Victorian Curriculum. St Johns’ has fully implemented the Victorian Curriculum since 2017.

Religious Education:

R.E. is taught daily in the classroom based on the guidelines from the Catholic Education Office, Sale Diocese. At St John’s faith development is not just confined to the classroom but is a whole school community experience where students are exposed to many opportunities to participate in prayer and self reflection, to further their understanding of the Catholic Faith and to develop an increased awareness and respect towards of the needs of others.


In partnership with our Parish Priest, we offer a parish-based, family-centred and school-supported Sacramental Program. Our students have the opportunity to undertake the preparation and to celebrate, Reconciliation and First Eucharist in Grade 3, and Confirmation in Grade 6.


Our Literacy program consists of whole class modelling and instruction followed by small group or individual work, concluding with student reflection time. Our goal is to equip each child with the necessary strategies to become competent and independent learners who have the ability to express themselves clearly and appropriately according to the situation.

Numeracy:                                                            Link to The Victorian Curriculum  Years F – 10

Our Numeracy program encourages students to experience success in all areas of Mathematics, it is acknowledged that a sound understanding of number patterns and counting must be achieved in the early years so as to build more complex understandings progressively. We aim for all our students to experience success in their mathematical learning, to have fun but at the same time to be able to apply their learning to practical day to day experiences.


St John’s is extremely well equipped in the area of IT and students have regular access to many varied and current resources. Information Technology is incorporated into the curriculum at all levels and our software and devices are regularly updated to ensure students are presented with the best possible learning opportunities. Students are taught practical and responsible use of technologies which is reinforced through the Inform & Empower Program our students participate in each term.

Physical Education:

St John’s students enjoy regular P.E. classes and throughout the year compete in inter-school sports competitions. Students participate in an interschool Cross Country Event and also a Winter Sports Program. Our students participate in swimming lessons and enjoy a school Swimming Sports Day, students who qualify may also participate at the interschool, regional and state level for swimming.

Italian, Art and Drama:

Students enjoy regular specialist classes in these subjects. We are proud of the work produced and the talents and confidence developed in students through working within these areas of our curriculum. Students are exposed to many opportunities through specialist classes, Italian theme days, performances, school production, community carol singing and Art Shows.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it encompasses every part of our lives. Here at St John’s STEM activities encourage independent and shared learning with opportunities for experimentation and inquiry through hands-on activities and project-based learning.

Support Programs:  

St John’s is able to provide a number of programs and support staff to assist in the overall development of students and we are proud of their effectiveness. These include Individual Learning Plans, the LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) Program and regular Speech Therapy assistance which enables student’s access to the curriculum and supports their general wellbeing.

Intervention requiring professional support for Counselling, Hearing or Physiotherapy needs are accessed on a needs basis and take place within the school setting where possible.


St John’s promotes that families develop regular reading patterns for their children at home. This will enhance literacy skills which will subsequently have a positive impact on all areas of their children’s education. The poster below clearly outlines the value of regular reading. The school has an expectation that the children complete the homework that is set for them. We see it as our responsibility to help prepare students for their secondary school years.

Link to The Victorian Curriculum Years F - 10 St John's Homework Policy Why Your Child Can't Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight - (Greer Genius Poster Design & Development)