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Sacraments – Mass – Liturgies

In the Catholic Church, Sacraments are a way of celebrating and being part of the faith community.

At St John the Baptist School, celebrating the Sacraments is all part of the lived experience of the Catholic Faith when we celebrate Masses and Liturgies. These Sacraments include: Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Sacraments support families to understand and deepen their faith and connectedness to God.

St John’s students and Catholic children from other schools, have the opportunity to participate in St John’s Parish Sacramental Program which is administered through the Parish, centered within the family and supported by the school.

In order for students to complete Sacraments within the Parish, families need to form a partnership with the Faith by Baptising their children. Many people believe this has to be ‘done’ when children are babies, however even our namesake John the Baptist baptised people as adults. You can have your children baptised at any age, by wanting to be part of the Catholic Faith and experiencing this as a family.  If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to ask questions of Mr Dortmans or Mrs Hance.

At St John the Baptist, we want everyone to feel included in our school Masses, Sacraments and Liturgies.

This means even if a student is not baptised, they will always be welcomed into the church and invited to be involved in prayer and liturgy experiences.

During special Sacraments such as Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, all students- baptised and unbaptised, are welcome to attend and receive special blessings. This is one way our community can support each other in the Faith and celebrate milestones with each family.