Learning & Teaching

From the Classrooms

So much shared and incidental learning happens in all aspects of school life at St John’s, not only for the students but our staff too.

The initial weeks of school are a time of familiarisation, learning class routines and school-wide expectations, allowing students across the school to become confident in their surrounds and learning capabilities. Together with the Parent/Teacher interviews, it’s also a time for staff to get to know their students.

Our whole school presentation of the Stations of the Cross was a moving experience for all those involved.

The Kitchen Garden Program has commenced again for our Grades Three and Four students and apart from creativity in the Kitchen highlighting some of the produce, there has been some wonderful associated activities taking place, like the recent Kitchen Garden Art activity with a focus on our beetroots, resulting in the works below …

There is nervous excitment about with the impending School Cross Country Carnival,  to be held on Wed. 24th April.

Senior students are in the early stages of preparing for the Whole School Production later this year with ‘lines’ already being rehearsed at home. Note the date – Wed 30th October.